Artist Brand Management Services Explained

What is a brand, and why do I need one?

Your brand is your trademark. Whether you’re a dance production company or a single performing artist, you have a brand. All small businesses do, whether they intentionally develop one or not. And if you’re running your own dance (or dance-related) career, even if you’re just getting started, you’re a small business owner.

If we say “OREOs”, what are the first impressions that come to mind? The cookie itself, of course, but also the OREOⓇ logo, the blue packaging, and the sound of the plastic when you first open it. How do they smell? How do they taste? The latest commercials, memories you associate with the cookie… all of these things add up to the OREO brand. You can pick out a package of OREO cookies from all of the other cookies in the grocery store. Why? Because of branding.

You want the same to be true for you. You want to have something that makes you stand out from all of your competitors. That difference, whatever it is, becomes the story that you tell every time you interact with your audience, whether it be on stage, at an event, or online.

Branding for Dance Professionals

Strong Brand Strategy

A successful brand starts with understanding what it is that makes you a distinctive artist, and then addresses how you share that distinctiveness with the world. Defining your uniqueness is the first step; if you don’t know what you offer to your audience that no one else can replicate, they won’t know either. In business, we call this a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.

Once you know what makes you stand out, your next step is to communicate that to your audience. You know what your brand is; this is where you put it to work.

There are five elements that go into building your brand:

  • Your performances as an artist
  • Your audience, both current and prospective
  • Your social media following
  • Your Website
  • How you market yourself

Your brand is what you’re known for. Good branding is making a name for yourself based on what you do and what you want to be known for. When you have more control, you get to decide what story to tell. You determine how your audience perceives you.

Brand perception starts the very first time a person is introduced to your art. The first impression is the strongest, so you have to send the right signals right from the very beginning. Branding takes smart strategy.  It takes time and diligence.

And, sometimes, it takes knowing when to reach out for some guidance. Whole Heart Productions offers a full range of dance production services, including brand management. If you’re ready to start developing your brand, we’re ready to help.

What Artist Brand Management services does WHP offer?

  • Brand Consulting
  • Brand Positioning and Strategy Development
  • Website Design
  • Social Strategy
  • Newsletters/Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing Services
  • Other Miscellaneous Brand and Marketing Services

Our Process

Once you contact WHP, we’ll send you the link to our client intake questionnaire. This form has two purposes. First, it tells us a little bit more about who you are, what you do, and what you’re already doing to help promote yourself. Second, it gets you thinking like a small business owner. That’s important; building a brand takes a lot of insight; the questionnaire is the first part of that. We’ll email you any follow-up questions we might have.

After we receive your form, a member of our creative team will contact you to schedule the initial consultation. At the agreed-upon time, we’ll all meet via Google+ video conferencing software (the software is free). This meeting will run between 30 and 45 minutes, and we’ll send instructions, along with a list of tips to get more from the meeting, before we meet.

During the meeting, we’ll go over the intake questionnaire, and discuss your individual goals. We’ll also provide a few tips to get you started. This is a low-cost, no-obligation meeting; even if you don’t choose to employ our services, you’ll still receive short in-meeting coaching session on how to develop your brand and better reach your audience. Within two business days of the meeting, you’ll receive a proposal on which services we think will best fit your needs, and a basic plan for how to move forward with your brand and marketing strategy.

Are you Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Career?

Our passion is helping you to succeed with your passion. Because of that, our services were developed with your needs in mind. If you’re ready to schedule your initial Artist Brand Management consult, or if you’d just like more information about our brand management services, please contact us.