The Artists’ Choice Custom Designed Services

What is Whole Heart Productions all about? If you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, our Artists’ Choice services are for you. They were designed by artists, for artists and preforming arts companies who want to know where to begin, or get a better understanding of where they are now and where to go next, without a premium price tag.

Once you’ve decided on the service best suited to your needs, fill out this brief contact form, and one of our team members will contact you within 24 business hours.

Our Artists’ Choice: Custom Designed Services

Arts Management Services

Marketing Services

Beyond our $25 Services

Arts Management Services

Initial Roll Call Consultation: $25

If you’re interested in our arts management services, this consult includes a review of your current management practices; communications, strategic planning, and data management, based on your responses to our intake questionnaire. We’ll set up a time for a meeting via in person, phone call, Skype or with Google Plus Hangouts (the software free) and discuss ways to build on those efforts. Then we’ll end the session with a short business planning exercise with the opportunity to complete as a homework assignment.

Roll Call Check-Up: $25

This check-up is good for any dancer interested in a snapshot of their current position and wanting to learn how to advance. This consult can be a follow-up from the initial Roll Call consult or stand alone for those who are already aware of their management processes yet need a little support. You will submit your intake form and or the completed short business plan assignment from the first consult. During this consult, we’ll discuss your management practices (communications, strategic planning, and data management) and ideas on how you would like to move forward. A team member will then review this information and return within a week our findings, along with a written summary and advice.

Initial Project Consultation: $25

This consult includes the initial meeting via in person, phone call, Skype or with Google Plus Hangouts (the software free). During this consult, we’ll discuss your project, identify key players and record a basic outline for pre- and post-production specifics. This is a low-cost, no-obligation consult, followed up by a written proposal on how Whole Heart Productions can help you to meet your production goals.

Marketing Services

These marketing services start with our marketing intake form, to allow our team to get a better idea of where you are now, both with your career and current marketing efforts, and what your goals are.

Initial Marketing Consultation: $25

How do you brand yourself as a professional dancer? During this consult, we’ll go over your current branding efforts, and discuss ways to build on those efforts, or how to adjust your brand to better fit your needs. This is perfect for the beginner, but can also help more experienced pros to.

Brand and Marketing Check-Up: $25

How does your marketing rate? This service includes 30-point brand and marketing check-up, with two page write-up covering summary and advice for improvements moving forward. There’s no meeting for this service; once you fill out the intake form, we’ll send follow-up questions to fill out the rest of the 30 points (in addition to analyzing your website and social media profiles), and email you the results and recommendations within a week.

Beyond our $25 Services

Brand Positioning and Development Strategy Consult: $100

What makes you stand out as an artist? How can you leverage that for greater success? This service is a serious value. You’ll get a meeting (online) with both our executive producer and brand and marketing manager for an in-depth discussion about how to make the most of your talents. This service also includes a follow-up meeting two months after the first, to check in and provide further recommendations for the next steps in your career.

General Services

During our initial consults, we’ll discuss which other Whole Heart Production services might be right for your needs, and provide a follow-up written proposal after the consultation. You can also view a full list of our services here.

Integrated Management Services: 

Budget Development and Management
Supplier/Vendor Management
On-Site Management
Box Office Management

Integrated Marketing Services:

Event Marketing 
Social Media Setup and Strategy
Email Marketing Services
Web Design 

All general consulting services (beyond the ones listed above) are billed at $25 an hour. This covers any consulting work involving research, assistance during a project, marketing and/or management responsibilities outside the scope of work agreed upon in the proposal.