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An event should be an experience. You want attendees to remember the details for years to come. You want the pride of knowing that everyone walked away delighted with your production.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that follows a well-run and hassle-free event. Trying to plan and manage an event on your own, however, is stressful and overwhelming. There are dozens of details that need your attention. Where do you start?

Start by contacting us.

Whole Heart Productions is Brooklyn’s number one dance production management company. We offer a full range of dance production and artist management services–everything you need to make your next event a huge success.  From managing rehearsals and setting up an online box office, to managing the budget and finding just the right talent, we have you covered.

Whole Heart Productions offers a three-tiered approach to dance events, designed to incorporate every aspect of dance event production.

Our Arts Management services can take you from event concept design and budget management through on-site and rehearsal management. We can even manage your ticketing and box office needs, and supplier and vendor management. We also offer Artist Brand Management services, helping both new and experienced performers determine what makes them stand out, and then use that understanding to build their own unique brand.

Our second offering is Dance Production services. Dancers want to dance, and no one wants to get bogged down with details when they’re trying to focus on their creativity. Our services combine event organization and production with all of the smaller practicalities of creating a hassle-free event.

Maybe you have a great idea, but you’re missing the talent you need to really make your show come together. Our Talent Buying and Management services can help you find just the right dancers for your next production. Our connection to the local dance scene makes it easy to find the entertainers you’re looking for, negotiate contracts and fees, and even manage talent onsite during the event.

We also offer dance classes and workshops. Dance is where our heart is, and for the Whole Heart Productions team, that’s what it all comes back to. Watch our calendar for upcoming classes and workshops in Traditional West African, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Fusion, Afro-Cuban, and related styles.

Our company is based in Brooklyn, NY, but our services are also available in Atlanta and New Orleans. Take a look at what we’ve done for past clients, and then contact us to learn more about how Whole Heart Productions can help you put together a spectacular, hassle-free event.

Artist Development Services


Whole Heart Productions also offers Artist Development Services. These services were designed for dancers who are ready to take the next step in their professional careers. Whether you’re an emerging artist trying to develop your own style and start treating your dance as a career, or an establish artist ready to grow your audience and find new ways to progress in your professional life, we want to help you succeed. We’re not a management company, but we can help you to navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of being an artist entrepreneur. Check out our services, and then contact us. We’d love to put together a customized approach to help you to reach the next stage of your dance career.