Hearts of Love Co.



From Hearts of Love Co. Founder Christian Jones: 

Hearts Of Love Corporation is a 501c3 non-profit outreach organization that operates exclusively for providing charitable, cohesive, holistic and social support for individuals and families that are homeless, chronically homeless or are at risk of homelessness. We aim to provide vital supportive services that will change the life of each individual that connect with Hearts of Love Co. We aid in the creation of a stable environment that will increase the individual’s ability to thrive, thus affording the opportunity to live healthy, stable and independently. Now that you know a bit of who we are, please allow me to tell you why we are. In 2008 it was Approximated that 12,000 people in New Orleans—4% of the city’s 302,000 residents, or 1 in 25—were homeless in post-Katrina New Orleans, this meant “the city that care forgot” had four times as many homeless people as most U.S. cities. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, which struck America’s Gulf Coast in September 2005, New Orleans’ homeless population was about 6,300.


Photo Credit: Chris Granger

As the number of homeless families and individuals continued to increase to an unprecedented number, the availability of affordable housing as well as other services to the poor grew to dismal proportions. Hearts of Love Co. was created as a resolve for those that suffer most within our community. We fully understand the only way we can maximize our effectiveness to service one of the most vulnerable populations of our society is through collaborative efforts with other agencies, corporations, organizations and caring citizens that are dedicated to the essential wellbeing of those that need the most care in our community. We are committed to utilizing all available resources necessary to make Hearts of Love Co. an organization that is successful in meeting the needs of every person that comes into contact with us. Being far more than an organization, we are a composite of individuals that are dedicated to creating and offering quality, tailored services to those that are less fortunate and to those that are the most vulnerable; we are concerned for the heart and wellbeing of each person that crosses our paths as well as their needs.


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I’m elated to report by way of UNITY of Greater New Orleans (the Continuum of Care of New Orleans metro area) determined that 1,981 people were homeless on, March 31, 2014, this is a drop of more than 15% from last year’s snapshot, which was 2,337, and a drop of 83 percent from the 2007 count of 11,619, after the post-Katrina explosion of homelessness. The city of New Orleans has reached a milestone in the reduction of our homeless population. For the first time since Katrina, the number of people in Orleans Parish who are suffering in homelessness is actually lower than it was before Katrina. Despite our cities great success in housing this overwhelming number of homeless individuals and their families there’s still much work to do! We must not only assist to housing those less fortunate but work to assist with maintaining housing and over all wellbeing which is exactly what Hearts of Love Co. intends to do. While we are in our early start up stage we see the increasing necessity to encompass an airy of services that will benefit each homeless individual and their family in the New Orleans metro area. Below is a listing of what we will soon be prepared to offer those we serve.

10624644_1516196835295176_2123258357855675057_nHearts of Love Co. is working towards establishing a mobile facility that will provide food, clothing, toiletries, emergency and immediate healthcare by a registered and licensed healthcare professional (nurse or doctor) and with the assistance of a licensed clinician access vital resources such as entitled benefits, accessing employment, housing support and any other support that will aid in the individual maintaining an independent, stable environment. Hearts of Love Co. is dedicated to our community and more importantly to improving the quality of life of each individual we encounter. We look forward to growing with you and as our motto says, Welcome to our Hearts!