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Indira Goodwine – Photo Courtesy of Travis Magee Many artists strive to master their craft and continuously look for inspiration to remain motivated in their field. In this exclusive interview, Indira Goodwine offers a glimpse of her career path with the hopes to encourage other artists. When and where did you begin your dance training? [...]

No, I’m not here to preach. If you are already doing the work, think of this as words of encouragement to keep striving. But if you’re not positioning yourself for success, well, its time to get started. I believe the best way to begin is to define what success means to you. Please understand that [...]

Where are you now? It’s such a simple question to answer. Or is it? At the time it was asked, I failed the test! After completing my emotional rant post-Home Grown, I was asked this question during a conversation with one of my mentors. At the time, I was walking through Charlotte’s airport to catch [...]

There was a period in my life when majority of my time was either spent in the studio, on the road or on stage. In other words I was mentally and physically exhausted. I’m not complaining but I was as tired of saying, “I can’t, I have rehearsal” just as much as my family and [...]

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