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“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” -Author Unknown   The above quote was posted on my Facebook page by one of my mentors. She told me that someone sent it to her. Therefore, I’m paying it forward because I believe it to be true. My journey in Dance, as [...]

Many times we are the best at giving what we rarely get…and what we deeply and sometimes desperately desire. The things we deeply desire tend to tell us a great deal about the relationships that are a part of our lives.  These relationships communicate the powerfully unspoken language of our hearts.  This language is a [...]

Confession: I can’t dance. I’m terribly uncoordinated, actually. Almost dangerously (ask me how many times I’ve broken toes just walking around my home). Which makes me a weird addition to a dance-related company, right? Except, what I don’t know about dance, I do know about business. Sulé shared his introduction post; here’s mine. Small-town Beginnings [...]

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