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“My interest has shifted to not only performing on stage but becoming a part of the team that creates a platform for other artists.” –Sulé-Joel Adams (Founder and Executive Producer at WHP)

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, but also operating in Atlanta and New Orleans, Whole Heart Productions is the embodiment of years of discipline, training, and experience combined with the dream of helping other artists to succeed. Sulé’s vision to place the journeys of our ancestors and modern, compelling stories presented through different art forms and artists on stage became reality when he founded Whole Heart Productions.

Whole Heart Productions designs and produces entertainment spectaculars that embody stories through dance production and arts management. Originally established in Atlanta, GA, the company serves a community of diversely talented performing artists who were dedicated to stage performance and community outreach. Whole Heart Productions made its sizzling, raw debut performance of Dreamality – Act Upon Your Dreams, which presented twelve unforgettable acts and featured local and out-of-state guest artists at Soweto Street Beat Theatre in May of 2006.  This unique extravaganza captivated the audience through song, dance, spoken word and original music that linked diverse genres such as African, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Modern and Afro-Cuban styles.  Further, Whole Heart members were actively involved with costumes, make-up, set design, choreography and promotions.

Other Past Performances Include:

  • Opening Ceremony for Black Pride, Main Line Second Line, (2006)
  • Dunham Institute of Atlanta’s Dynamic Dance Festival, West African Dance Workshop at the Georgia International Congress Center
  • “She Lives! Celebrating the Life of Katherine Dunham”, Men of the Night, (2006) featuring a male revue, addressed the homeless issue in Atlanta
  • Water Seed’s (Band), music video, (2007)
  • Starlight Cabaret with Lady Shabazz on the Coca-Cola Stage in Piedmont Park (2007)

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