How to Promote Your Art Through Video (Part 1)

WHP DancerThis is the first of a two-part series on video marketing for artists. Be sure to check back next week for the second half on the best ways to market your artist videos. 

There are an average of 4 billion views on YouTube every day. Videos are popular; people love to watch them, and they really love to share them.

You don’t need us to tell you that dance is a very visual medium. The truth is, you can tell someone about the way you dance all day long and you can show them beautiful photographs from your portfolio, but they aren’t going to get it until they see you in action. Inviting them to your next show isn’t always an option, so it’s essential to have a few different videos that really showcase your talent and style.

Where Should You Begin?

When you’re preparing to create a video, start with a plan. Know what you want to accomplish before you begin. This week’s post focuses on setting those goals and deciding which types of video you need to make them happen.

Why do you want to make a video to promote yourself as a dancer? Is your goal to promote any shows you’re currently involved in? Is it to create a professional portfolio video? Do you want to reach out to other dancers, share your talent, or educate viewers on a specific style of dance? Those are all great reasons, and they can all function as self-promotion tools, too.

What Kinds of Videos Do You Need?

There are two types of videos artists should have available in their online portfolios (or YouTube channels). The first showcases your ability as a dancer. This is where you really get to show your stuff. Whether this is a recording of a recent performance or something that you’ve prepared and recorded yourself, this is your chance to demonstrate your personal style, showcase techniques, and demonstrate what you bring to a performance. These are great portfolio videos, but they also work to share your art with fans, dance enthusiasts, and other aspiring dancers.

The second type of video goes one step further. Now that people have seen what you can do, it’s time to let them see who you are and what you know. These videos might be video blogs about why you dance or your experiences as a dancer. They might be short tutorials, or video reviews of dance products and services. The goal is for them to see you as more than a talented dancer; you want to be someone they can relate to and get to know a bit, too. Why? Because when you’re out there marketing yourself as a dancer, your focus can’t just on the dancing. You’re marketing yourself, too and this second type of video makes it easier to do that.

Which type of video do you need? If you’re an emerging artist, start with the first type. Get people interested. Get them excited. And then use the second video type to start cementing that connection.

Creating a video that shows a bit more about who you are, whether you’re making a more personal video or just a product review video, can actually be a lot harder than putting together a dance video. You’ve probably received training in dance. You probably haven’t received training in how to create a vlog (video blog). Watch what other vloggers have already done, and see what styles fit your own.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve decided on which type of video you want to create, and once you’ve set goals for that video, the next step is to rehearse and then record the video. There are a lot of great tutorials out there on how to create a dance video, and even more on how to start a vlog. You might want to consider asking a friend to help you film, or at least use a camera that is better than the one that came with your phone. Quality matters, and you really want to make a great impression. Pick up some free or low-cost video editing software to add in a title or other effects, if you’d like.

Once your video is ready, you’re all set to publish it and start sharing it with your family, friends, and followers.

Be sure to stop back next Wednesday for the second half of this two-part blog series, when we discuss how to get the best results from sharing your video.

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