New Year: Next Steps

No, I’m not here to preach. If you are already doing the work, think of this as words of encouragement to keep striving. But if you’re not positioning yourself for success, well, its time to get started.

I believe the best way to begin is to define what success means to you. Please understand that success has a different meaning for various people. For me, success is my continued happiness and the ability to fulfill my desires.

Before I share details, I want you to promise yourself that you will take time to process what I’m sharing. During that time, reflect on ways you can position yourself to improve the quality of your life and to become more successful. Know that there are actions you can immediately put into practice to get the ball rolling. One is to Strengthen Your Core. Take the time to examine yourself and really figure out what is important and valuable in your life. Your thoughts, attitudes, and actions all play a huge role in defining what you create.

I+m+just+sitting+here+thinking+that+someone+somewhere+had+to+_f72f36a16eacdca0489cd9e28b23143dIt’s said that the way you see yourself will shape the way others see you. Therefore, you should practice the art of Attraction and Action Principles.

  • Have a vision supported by intention.
  • Don’t force life. Just dance from one event to another.
  • Focus on the task at hand.
  • Use your experiences to help guide you.
  • Let go of the need for validation from others.
  • Allow yourself to fail in the process of learning and growing.
  • Find new sources for stimulation in your life.

Another thing on my list is to Clean: clean literally and metaphorically. For example, there
once was a time I had a problem sleeping and could not figure out why. One late night, I put on my favorite music artists and started cleaning my apartment. After I was done, I began deleting contacts from my phone and on Facebook. Once I started, this particular action spilled over throughout the weekend. I commenced to get rid of material things that took up space. I instantly decided to stop accumulating so much, which led me to simplify my finances as well. I realized as I streamlined my physical space and mind, I immediately made room for the important and valuable things.

However, I am still working on a couple of the challenging actions: one is to DO LESS. The courage to say NO takes a bit of work when you have been appeasing others for as long I have. Another challenge is monitoring my thinking, self-doubt in particular. When it strikes, like me you should refocus your mind on positive, affirming thoughts, or do something that will interrupt your mind set: workout, take a dance class, volunteer in your community, or something else you really enjoy doing. My last suggestion is to always remain open to learning. Become a life long learner.

About the Author

Sulé is a performing artist, family guy, artepreneur and grad student. Working by his motto, “Dance is always a work through spirit,” Sulé continues to share and pave a way for dreamers and their dreams producing momentous work, teaching and performing. Follow Sulé on Twitter

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