It’s Time to Increase Your Capacity

71817_494548210588615_1090119265_nThough you may not be able to see it, one thing that comes to the forefront of my mind, in this season, when I think of our lives, is the word layers.  Not layers in the sense that we have walls up but layers of depth that we have yet to fully comprehended.  Sometimes when we jog our minds thinking upon all the things that God has given and done in us, we are still clueless in understanding all the gifts that truly lie within.  Spiritually we may feel that we have to wait for someone to show or help us better understand who God has called us to be, but some things have yet to be revealed because God desires to  increase your capacity.  This can only happen through your personal relationship and communion with Him.

I challenge you to stretch beyond your limits and see all that God has blessed you with. It is time to delve deeper into each layer of who you are.  I am talking about reaching the unknown depths of your thoughts, visions, dreams, goals, and gifts.  You must begin to embrace all of the facets of you to share with the world.  It is more comforting to keep things simple, easy, clear, and uncomplicated.  It is time for you to recognize your God-given power and speak to the seeds planted in your life that are ready to grow and produce fruit.

When you go on this road, I pray that you stay true to who you have been called to be because you will be challenged.  I pray that you walk in integrity and strength because you know that God is faithful and He requires the best of you.  Ask Him to open your eyes and enlarge your territory.

He is going to call you to be a leader and use your voice to speak, not only from your heart but from His.  Be bold, be courageous and a vessel of God.  We are imperfect, but God is with us.  Do not give up.  There is hope.  Every day that we are here is a new day, no matter how tough life gets.  Take a deep breath and keep pushing.

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About the Author

Also a native of New Orleans, Francine is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher with a long list of accomplishments. Francine began her training at 15 with the TKD Dance Academy, under the direction of Tanis K. Dasher and Michelle Gibson. Her teaching credentials include work as a Studio Assistant and teacher at Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance and as the Rehearsal Director of Camille A. Brown and Dancers.