The Journey

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” -Author Unknown


Sulé and Grandma Sadie Ruth Bias 3/7/35 – 1/17/15

Grandma Dorothy “Dot” Adams 1/2/31 – 8/23/13

The above quote was posted on my Facebook page by one of my mentors. She told me that someone sent it to her. Therefore, I’m paying it forward because I believe it to be true.
My journey in Dance, as with so many other dancers and artists, can be very challenging at times. It is the love for our crafts and the understanding of our purpose that keeps us going. The appreciation received from audiences once we step off the stage also gives us balance and the energy to keep moving forward.In the case of my journey, and the birth of Whole Heart Productions, I was fortunate to have two angels (my grandmothers) visiting me and whispering, “Do it again.” Their visits reminded me of the seed they planted in me since my birth. They were strong women that have seen and lived way more than I should complain about. About two years prior to both their passing, I’d divorced dance, yet was still trying to mend my broken heart from all that took place within that time frame. My two years of attempting to transition was not working. Those words “Do it again” began to make more and more sense. After an appendectomy in early February, I took six weeks of medical leave, time spent wisely to build the new foundations of this business. Pen to paper, and filing the necessary paperwork, I created a full show, booked the venues, finalized all the participants, and incorporated Whole Heart Productions.

Thank God for my angels!


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Sulé is a performing artist, family guy, artepreneur and grad student. Working by his motto, “Dance is always a work through spirit,” Sulé continues to share and pave a way for dreamers and their dreams producing momentous work, teaching and performing.

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