Why Not Take a Chance?

Light on SkyscraperMany times we are the best at giving what we rarely get…and what we deeply and sometimes desperately desire.

The things we deeply desire tend to tell us a great deal about the relationships that are a part of our lives.  These relationships communicate the powerfully unspoken language of our hearts.  This language is a spiritual song that plays constantly, filling the atmosphere, even when we are unaware.  This is why I believe God’s word says to “guard your heart.”  We have to be careful because our lives do not stop speaking, even when we are not talking.

What song is your heart singing?

Is it singing loneliness, abuse, prayer, worship, God, love, Christ, hurt, pain, frustration, anger, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, honesty……the list goes on.  Take a little time to listen.  Take a little time to take care of your heart.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable so that you can hear your heart.

It is amazing how we are afraid to let go of the relationships, voices, things, experiences, or situations, that keep us plagued.  We find an unhealthy and numbing comfort in the dead areas of our lives.  We keep going back to these lifeless places trying to resuscitate what does not exist and in the process, killing ourselves by using our God-given breath to breathe into these dead things.

A relationship is not singular, and it does not involve isolation.  We can not grow alone.  There is a difference between isolation and being alone.  And if you are in a relationship with dead things and people then you are isolated. There is no breath or life flowing that keeps you nurtured and growing strong.

I think we hold so tightly to the dead because we are afraid of the realization that we are not in control.  We try to control everything we can, not giving room to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to be guided, comforted, led, and directed by God.  I have learned more and more with time, that it takes an enormous amount of strength to truly trust God.  Knowing and learning how to follow, makes you a much better leader.

Do something today that will strengthen you like never before…trust that God has a plan for your life.  Trusting God does not take perfection or knowing all the answers.  As you go deeper and get closer to God, the answers will not be easy but they will come when needed.

Why not take a chance, at this moment right now?

What do you have to lose?

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Also a native of New Orleans, Francine is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher with a long list of accomplishments. Francine began her training at 15 with the TKD Dance Academy, under the direction of Tanis K. Dasher and Michelle Gibson. Her teaching credentials include work as a Studio Assistant and teacher at Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance and as the Rehearsal Director of Camille A. Brown and Dancers.

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